Anti-Snore Pad -

Anti-Snore Pad -

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Anti-Snore Pad will help you stop snoring for good. After years of development, our advanced technology can detect your snoring at a rate of over 90% (above the industry standard). Plus, it doesn’t require you to wear anything on your face whatsoever.

The Airdog pillow pad goes under your pillow, and the pad itself is electricity and radiation-free.

Airdog’s smart app helps you track and measure your progress.

Airdog is proud to offer you the pure, snore-free sleep that you and your partner have been waiting for!
Pad Size (inch): 22.5*11*0.3 
Bedsider Size (inch): 8*5.9*2.8 
Net Weight (lbs): 3.2 
Gross Weight (lbs): 4.4 
Voltage Rating: DC 5V
Power Rating: 10W
Cords: Power Cord (1m); Air Tube (Exposed: 1.2m)
Usage Conditions: 10-40 degrees Celcius: 30-85 HR
Noise Level: <40db
Mobile Compatibility: iPhone 4S or above
iOS 7.0 or above
Android 4.3 or above
Bedsider * 1
Anti-Snore Pad *1
Power Adapter *1
USB Cable *1
User Guide *1

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FAQ – About the Device

Does the smart anti-snoring product need to be plugged in all the time while using?
Anti-snoring actions are conducted by air bag inflation/deflation, would the air bags burst?
I just started using my new product, have not gotten used to it yet. When I was sleeping, the air bag inflated up, pushed my head and waked me up, what should I do?
What is the difference between this smart anti-snoring pad/pillow and other products in the market?
What should I do if I felt my pillow raised up too high?
Why does the smart anti-snoring pillow inflate up when there is no snoring sound?
Sometimes, I can hear a slight short “clicking” sound coming out from the bedsider, what is it?

FAQ – App Use

How do I connect a device?
Is it possible to use the smart anti-snoring product without connecting to the app?
While using the product, could I turn off Bluetooth, power off the mobile phone or put it far away from the bedsider?
What should I do if the app does not synchronize data?
What does it mean for “Anti-snoring Action On/Off”?

FAQ – Functions & Operation

How does smart anti-snoring product stop snoring?
Is the smart anti-snoring product effective for all snorers?
Is it possible for the Smart Anti-snoring products to distinguish snores from husband and wife?
Is it ok for children, old people or pregnant women to use the product?
Does the smart anti-snoring pillow produce big noises? Will the noise affect the sleep of my bed partner?